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Our no-nonsense approach has made us a favorite among the City's busiest.
Nancy N. View on Yelp

Arriving on time, they cleaned promptly and left a lot of the right things that they shouldn't touch untouched. My house near Santa Monica is pretty big so it was impressive to see that they cleaned it so quickly. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the time to clean their house.

Tesia L. View on Yelp

Contacted maid rangers and they did a comprehensive deep cleaning of my house in Ktown. From the kitchens, they removed the oily stains and unclogged my sink from food debris that had built up. Wooden furniture and cabinets were wiped clean with a special solution that brings out the original likeness once again. The carpet in the front of my hallway where everyone takes off the shoes is no longer as battered down with gray stains but is relatively tan as it once was. All in all, I would recommend maid rangers to get your house tidy soon and at a low price.

Esther H. View on Yelp

Since I am very busy with work and SMC and friends I find that there is little to no time to clean up after myself. The cost is pretty cheap and is dependent on your needs, budget, and preferences. So size of the apartment does matter. I have them routinely clean my house once every three weeks so I can continue to just study and go to work without having to worry about piling garbage.

Christina T. View on Yelp

Although I try to clean up after myself, my apartment mates never put any effort into keeping the public areas clean. There are empty take out boxes all throughout the living room and kitchen and the garbage is constantly overflowing. It's gotten to the point where I don't have the patience or time to clean up after them, and coming back to a disgusting apartment every day is just depressing because I know it's only going to get worse. I heard about Maid Rangers from my next door neighbor who overheard my complaints. They were efficient, reliable and affordable, and I will definitely use their service again! I love coming back to a clean apartment!

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